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I had no idea how fortunate we would be to receive world-class instruction. I knew Prof. Holifield is a legendary instructor, but I didn't know that the whole team of instructors would be subject matter experts as well.


Dennis Collard


More information than I expected!


Guy Whimper


This course was more than I expected. It was more hands-on with detailed information. Overall, I learned more than the money I paid. I also met a lot of new agents and good men.


Latasha Brown


Everything that I had a question about, was answered, and given an example about.


Jonathan Winters


I believe I took a lot of knowledge away from this course, and the training was worth every penny!


Skylar Williams


Learned a lot more than I expected, plus, I personally got so motivated about EP - as a job in the future! Thanks to you!!!


Milovan Ilic


The experience was second to none! Great Course! Would recommend to people who are serious about the job.


Kevin Robinson


Dr. Holifield is Masterful! One of the best to do it. Great presenter and person. Agent Mayer's is Super Intelligent. Great at imparting knowledge so novice and advanced learners can track.


Agent "Alpha"


Dr. Holifield is very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the combat training and Solo EP Training.


Agent Kinlaw

No Bullshit! This material was covered in a streamlined, seamless method which allowed us to focus intently on the live portion.

Agent Grainger

This course was more than I expected. It wasn't the typical course. It made you think. The instructors don't give you anything! EVERYTHING IS EARNED! I like that!

Agent Davis

This course was more than I expected. This was the REAL DEAL!

Agent Atcherley





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