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My name is Tracy London. I am a IAEPA graduate, class of 2016. I just wanted to take a little time to say THANK YOU. Since graduating from the academy, I have done protective and security work with American Security, G4S, Allied Universal and I am currently employed with Gavin De Becker & Associates. I was also tapped to co-head the King David Baptist Church Safety & Security team, where I also served as the Training Officer. My career has taken me from the East Coast...Anderson, Greenville and Columbia South Carolina to the West Coast...Glendale, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Leandro California. I am extremely grateful to you and the staff at the Phalanx Academy and the IAEPA. Your dedication and excellent training definitely deserves top kudos and I am constantly recommending your training academy. If there is ever anything I can do to assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know. Once again...THANKS!

Very Respectfully,

Tracy London CSS EPS PPS CPS

Excellent instruction and attention to detail. The best course I have taken with real world knowledge and experience. This course was a very detailed course, and covered everything that some schools would miss.

Donald Jordan

Retired U.S. Army

Dr. Holifield is among the very best I have seen!

Jerry Becknell

Retired FBI

Being in the Marine Corps Infantry and serving two combat tours in Afghanistan, I have been to many courses throughout my career, however, I have never been to a course like Dr. Holifield's. Dr. Holifield was the most incredible well-rounded teacher I have ever had. His course was an unbelievable mix of hands-on and class room training. Dr. Holifield ensures that you truly understand the information being taught. I have never met someone who after five days I would consider a mentor and close friend. He immediately draws you in with his astonishing knowledge and teaching ability. I am proud to have learned from someone like Dr. Holifield, ensuring I continue to only train with the best. Dr. Holifield is a true mentor and aspiration in the field of executive protection.

James Hughes

U.S. Marine

Exceeds Excellent!

Joe Brown, USVI

Security Officer, Driver

Dr. Holifield is very accomplished, and well versed in EP. Had thorough command of information and real world experience to back it up.

Edward Muhammad

Dr. Holifield is an excellent instructor, and I would recommend him to anybody in the world interested about executive protection!

Terrence Calloway

Law Enforcement Officer

It was more than I expected. It just proves that this is what I want; and I got it from the BEST!

Kendhal Langley

Security Officer

The best instructor I've ever had!

Omari Price

Law Enforcement Officer

Loved the instruction from Dr. Holifield. Will continue my education because of him.

Warren McClendon

An honor to have been taught Executive Protection by the BEST in the business!

I learned a lot from this training and I am really glad I came.

Mankouss Daffe


Jennifer Quimbley

Awesome Instructors, Very Professional!

Decarlo Dove

Better than I expected!

Dean Mallis

Co Founder Georgia

I searched the internet looking at several EP schools to see what they had to offer, and I kept coming up with PHALANX. I finally made the decision to attend this school. Best decision I made! The training was more than I expected, highly structured, organized and professional. The staff was always there to assist and Dr. Holifield is simply one of the best instructors I've run across in my over 20 years of law enforcement. I highly recommend this training to anyone seriously thinking about entering the executive protection field.

Richard Kingston

Law Enforcement Officer (ret)

I must say it was 100% more of what I expected.

William Satterfield

U.S. Army Military Police (Ret)

I expected the best and got more than I expected!

Paul Augustin

What I liked best was the instruction and actual detail assignments! Love the team concept. Loved the flow of the class and all the knowledge I received!

Richard Jackson

This course was everything I expected and more! I loved the team aspect and I have aquired friends for life!

Andrew Doty

This course was very detail oriented. I liked the fact that all the instructors press the idea of continuing the education, the training and skill.

Ryan Berg, Honor Graduate

This class was all I expected and more. The true attention to detail is definitely evident.

Joyce Hurd

I expected this 5 day course to be intense, and it was! I was overwhelmed with information and got a lot out of it. I also liked the comradery and the strict standards of this course. It makes you a better person.

Alan King

Dr. Holifield was outstanding! So much knowledge transferred. I received it all, and so thankful!

Makario Mackey

This course was above and beyond my expectations. Totally official, professional, educative and life-changing!

Tara Hawes

Excellent class! I am glad I located you for our formal training. Your training was top notch! All the instructors were excellent and very impressive!

Chris Bullock

Words cannot express the immense respect I have gained for this man in the past 5 days. His knowledge and skills are too vast to comprehend to the average person, yet he is so very humble and kind. I am a better person for having been with him this past week.

Dawn Lowe

I had very little knowledge of what to expect, but I can honestly say that this class has exceeded my wildest imagination.

Adam Wills

I knew coming in, the general concepts of the class, but I did not know how specific and through every aspect would be! This class exceeded my expectations.

Adam Markesbury

It was more than I expected for real life drills and performance. Dr. Holifield was very detailed, simple, exact and to the point.

Marc Chambers

Excellent detailed information!

Africa Cheri Hakim


David Kendle

I believe this course is one of the best in the world and the owner Dr. Holifield is one of the best in the country!

Name Withheld

I enjoyed thoroughly every aspect of my experience of taking Dr. Holifield's course. He was fantastic and I would definitely take additional courses with him.

Herbert Anderson IV

Excellent presenter. Dr. Holifield has very good balance with his seriousness and impact of his information and experience, with the kindness and gentleness of human touch!

Salem-Naazir Hakim

Excellent. Lots of information; maybe more than was able to be squeezed into four days, but well worth it!

Marcus Culver

I went from having little to no knowledge about the profession to obtaining a great deal.

Jermaine Williamson

Absolutely Outstanding subject expert. I was impressed beyond my expectations. I only hope he offers more here in the U.S. in the future!

Eric Cicero

I developed a relationship with my team and got the chance to meet a great person, as well as leader in Dr. Holifield.

Jerry Evans

The information was a wealth. The quality of instruction was phenomenal!

Cheryl Ritchie

Very glad that I took this course. Very informative. Thank You!

Jermaine Wilkerson

Dr. Holifield is an exceptional instructor. Very knowledgeable and excellent teacher. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.

Kent Keets

Very informative material. The instructors were knowledgeable in their fields.

Robert O'Neill

The hand-to-hand combat training was great!

Jason Brown

The Instructors were outstanding!

Wesley Swanson Jr.

I liked the protection details and the firearms bit.

Benson Mandela

I liked the professionalism and the knowledge of the instructors

David Breedy (Barbados)

I liked the knowledge I gained and the hands-on training!

Sabrina Washington

I enjoyed the bodyguard detail, hand-to-hand combat and weapons.

Stuart Altshuler

I liked the hands-on training and firearms section by Agent Mark James.

Robert Gotsch

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