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I knew it was one of the BEST out there, but what I didn't know was how intense the physical fitness portion would be. Even though I thought I was going to die, I enjoyed it!!!

Khalid Lowe

It was what I expected, AND MORE!!!


This course was way more than I expected!

Bilal Jihad

Having NO IDEA what to expect, it far exceeded what I was looking for!

Steve Williams


Luis Gonzales

Dr. Holified is one of the best instructors I have ever met! His wisdom is so great, he gives me goose bumps!

Kedly Jules

It far exceeded my expectations. It was hands on, mind challenging, and intense!

Siraj Wahhaj

For a number of years now, I have had the distinct honor of knowing Professor Holifield as a mentor and as a friend. The path of the executive protection community allowed our chances to meet and when he created the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, he came to me about being his Chief Medical / Tactical First Aid Instructor.

What I came to find out later after the development of this Academy was that it was soon to become a name in the education community of executive protection. Professor Holifield's vision was a foundation that brought some of the brightest in the EP community together as subject matter experts for those attending the course to get a real world perspective of the field.

Instructors with real world experience from areas from South America to the Middle East and presenting that information with documented accounts which strengthens the integrity of the Academy. Allowing students to take from it in all accounts what the profession in-tails.

There are many programs that will give you the information and knowledge to begin a journey in the field of executive protection, but If you are seeking a program that will help you expand that journey and encourage your continued knowledge and growth? Then Professor Holifield and the PHALNX TRAINING ACADEMY is the program for you!

Agent Willie Myers

Impeccable Leader of the industry, Dr. Holifield is loyal, dedicated to his craft, realistic and responsible agent and an instructor, who selfless service to his agents and staff is evident by his ability to be flexible and provide one-on-one instructor and guidance to student’s offline at any given time.

Dr. Holifield is honest and an innovative instructor evident by his training techniques used to engage predictable and impromptu challenges of the security industry. A true professional to the trade, Dr. Holifield is accessible and available via email and voice at anytime, which is a noble quality in this industry.

Dr. Holifield is the epitome of the true professional and veteran to the security industry. Dr. Holifield’s instructional and practical techniques provide a realistic and an applicable approach for newcomers to the security industry.

Dr. Holifield’s realistic and practical insights are the skills needed to help industry newcomers to increase their longevity in the security industry. Dr. Holifield has endless insight evident by his industry and practical experiences as an instructor, law enforcement officer, military professional and a Certified Executive Protection Agent.

Dr. Holifield is an exceptional instructor and an Executive Protection Agent with is a long and outstanding history in this industry. Do not hesitate to hire Dr. Holifield or attend any of his IAEPA courses for future professional enhancement of one’s security skills.

Laytona Dupas, CPS, EPS, PPS

Professor Holifield is a master of his craft. His professional standards of Executive Protection Training are sterling and I've have found them to be in time, marginally above most industry standards. His military expertise, his field tested and proven professional and tactical background and instructional experience radiates throughout the entire training course. Everything that I have applied thus far from IAEPA has allowed me to excel in all my Executive Protection endeavors. Thanks Professor. Go Gold Team!!!

Joseph Hibner EPS

Executive Protection Specialist

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