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Approved and Accredited Through the

Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies and the

Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission

Per Georgia Administrative Rule 509-3-.06, all private detective license holders and 

registered private detective employees must complete a minimum of seventy hours of 

instruction from a Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies (GBPDSA) 

approved provider (Board Certified Instructor) before being issued a state license. This 

course meets and/or exceeds the total 70-hour educational requirement. Unlike the average online course, this course allows direct interaction between the student, instructor and fellow 

classmates in order to gain a solid understanding of the role of the Private Detective/Investigator. 

This course is also an approved course of study through the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, which allows you to earn college/university credit towards a degree in

Criminal Justice or Security Administration.

NOTE: As of March 26. 2020, the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies voted to approve the Limited License Recognition Agreement with the Alabama Private Detective Board. This agreement allows for Private Investigators and Private Investigative agencies who are licensed in either state, and whose license is in good standing in the state, to enter the reciprocating state to conduct business. 

This agreement includes:


This agreement allows Private Detectives and Executive Protection Agents to work in the states above on the Georgia PI license.

Course Requirements:

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • Criminal Background Check from Local Police Department

  • Clean Record with No Convictions (No Exceptions)

  • State Issued Driver’s License

  • Military DD Form-214 or prior Security Training (if applicable)


Continuing Education Requirements:

In accordance with GA Rule 509-3-12 (Continuing Education) your Private Detective Certificate MUST be renewed annually (each year) to stay in compliance with continuing education rules.


Course Instructions: (READ)

This PI course is taught in 3 Steps: (1) Orientation, (2) Research, (3) Final Examination, Certificate Awarded.

STEP ONE: Once you register for this course, step-by-step course instructions will be emailed to you to begin researching the PI topics below.

STEP TWO: You will put together a 3-page report on each of the 24 PI topics below. 

STEP THREE: The 100 question PI Examination will be emailed to you. Upon successful completion of the exam (80% passing) your State Certified Private Detective Certificate will be shipped to you within 48 hours.

70 Hour State Mandated Private Detective / Investigator Course, Georgia Rule 509-3-.06

(This is a Live Online Course, with the President)

Course Tuition: $249.99

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COST: $125

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Graduates of the Private Detective Course


GA RULE (509-3-06) 2022 GUIDELINES


1. Intro to the Private Detective Business and Types of Investigations.

2. Overview of O.S.G.A. 43-38-1 (1-16) as it relates to the Private Detective business.

3. Review of Georgia Private Detective and Security Agencies Admin Board Rules.

4. Criminal Procedure Overview of O.G.C.A. Title 17.

5. Georgia Criminal Law Overview

6. Georgia Rules of Evidence

7. Interviewing Techniques and Methodology

8. Documentation and Report Writing

9. Overview of the United States Legal System

10. Courtroom Testimony

11. Sources of Information

12. Surveillance and Observation

13. Undercover Operations

14. Incident and Crime Scene Analysis and Investigation

15. Criminal Defense and Due Process Investigations

16. Missing Persons and locating Individuals

17. Insurance Investigations

18. Family Law and Domestic Investigations

19. Specialized Investigations

20. Executive Protection Operations

21. Case Management

22. Business Sense (Acumen)

23. Investigative Ethics

24. Written Final Examination - (Must pass with a minimum of 75%).

Course Requirements:

  • Clean Record with No Convictions

  • State Issued Driver’s License

  • Must be 21 years of age


Additional Non-State Mandated Courses

  • 8 Hour – OC Defensive Spray Training

  • 8 Hour – Expandable Baton Training

  • 8 Hour - Unarmed Self Defense Training

  • 8 Hour – Handcuff and Restraints Training

  • 8 Hour - Emergency First Aid

Course Cancellation and Refund Policy 

Tuition and/or any Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If student notifies PHALANX prior to the start date of class to cancel, the paid fee(s) will go towards the next scheduled course or any other course that this academy offers that suits the student. If PHALANX cancels a scheduled class for any reason, the student will have the option of a full refund within (30 days) or rescheduling for the next class date.



PHALANX is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by students due to course cancellation or the student canceling a course.

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