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"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions, 

while the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

In today's world, we are plagued with more violence against the church than ever before. In the last 5 years alone, we have seen numerous attacks made against churches throughout the United States. However, on a larger scale, between January 1, 1999 to February 15, 2015 there have been over 971 (DFI) Deadly Force Incidents at churches throughout the country.

We recognize this trend in violence against the church and remain dedicated to ensuring that churches nationwide are provided with the tools and proper training to protect itself from the needless violence seen today that is being targeted towards the church. The bottom-line here is that times have changed, and today's churches must take precautions against present day dangers and attacks made against the church.

As stated in Proverbs 22:3

(A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences).

Our online church security course covers those security issues that are unique to the church, its members, its environment and its pastor. This course is highly recommended for church staff and churches interested in forming or enhancing the training of their in-house security team which may or may not already be in place. This is an excellent course for Ushers, Church Security Teams. This course covers the full spectrum of church security a full inside and outside security assessment of your church to determine vulnerabilities in the church building, entrances, exits, windows, including the addition of outside security lighting, motion detection, and alarm systems.

Students who successfully complete this course will earn special church security credentials and the highly coveted CSS (Church Security Specialist) designation. 

Dr. Leonard Holifield at: call: 770-PHA-LANX / 770-742-5269

to arrange for training.

The "General Mindset" in most churches throughout the United States is, not to worry about "Security" because "God Will Protect Us". The truth of the matter is - God protects us in many ways; one way is to recognize when God is speaking to us in regards to taking precautions to protect the church and its flock from attack and evil. 

This is evident in Proverbs 22:3

"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions, while the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

God gives us a Mind and Spirit to understand that there is Crime and Evil in this world, and precautions must be taken to protect the church and the congregation from crime, violence and bloodshed.





DECEMBER 29, 2019

Church active shooter training

The Fraternal Order of Police continued to combat the threat of active shooters with another security training for faith-based groups.




A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions,

while the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

Proverbs 22:3

COURSE TUITION $399.99 per/student

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  • History of Church Violence/Shootings

  • Ushers & Greeters "The Gate-Keepers"

  • The Proper Mind-Set

  • The Role of the Security Team

  • The Four Layers of Security

  • Guns in the Church (Armed Security)

  • Lethal & Non-Lethal Weapons

  • Practical Drills & Exercises

  • Unarmed Self Defense

  • Pastor / First Lady Protection

  • Staff Protection

  • Offering Protection

  • Safe Room

  • Christian Hate Groups

  • Mail Inspection and Screening

  • Physical Security (Outside)

  • Vehicle and Parking Lot Security

  • Congregation Security

  • Special Event Security

  • Sunday School Security

  • Senior Citizen Security

  • Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP)

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Interior Security (Cameras, CCTV)

  • Introduction to Firearms

  • Firearm Fundamentals

  • Final Examination (100 Test Questions)

  • CSS (Church Security Specialist) Certification


Your Church Security Specialist Certificate must be renewed each year to remain active and in good standing with this academy as part of your annual training. Once your renewal fee is received, your new certificate will be shipped out to you within 48 hours. CLICK HERE TO RENEW

Below are just "some" (not all) of the violent attacks made against churches throughout the United States in the last 15 years.

Dylann Roof killed 9 people during bible study

in Charleston, SC. in June of 2015

Floyd Palmer fatally shot and killed prayer leader

Gregory McDowell during prayer service at

World Changers Church International in 2012


September 21, 2015- EAST SELMA, Ala. (AP) — The pastor and members of the congregation that wrestled a gun away from a man police say opened fired in an Alabama church are being praised as heroes. James Junior Minter, 26, is being held without bond in the shooting of his girlfriend, his infant son and the church pastor, Earl Carswell, who tried to intervene Sunday morning, according to Selma police Lt. Curtis Muhannad. Witnesses told police Minter entered the white, single story church that sits on a tree lined, two-lane road and sat in the front row between his girlfriend and the baby, according to a statement released by the Selma Police Department. Minter then pulled out a handgun and started shooting, the statement said. The girlfriend, 24, fell to the ground, and Minter fired at her, striking her in the jaw and shoulder. The baby, a 1-month-old boy, was shot in the hand. Carswell, 61, then grabbed Minter and was shot in the leg. Members of the congregation helped subdue Minter and managed to wrestle away his gun, according to police. Minter then ran out of the church. The pastor was taken to a local emergency room for treatment, while the woman and baby were taken to a hospital in Birmingham. The victims are in stable condition. After he fled the scene, Minter was captured by police less than a mile away. His vehicle was left at the scene and a gun was recovered at the church, the statement said. Police said Minter was likely upset over a recent breakup and visitation issues with his son. Former Selma Mayor and Ebeneezer Missionary Baptist Church minister James Perkins visited the scene and said he paused service at Ebeneezer to pray for the victims Sunday morning. "It's hard to comprehend it, it's hard to understand it but a lot of people are struggling. A lot of people are stressed," Perkins said. "We walk by faith, not by sight. We still have to believe that there's goodness in most people."Minter was being held at the Dallas County jail. The Selma Police Department said Minter has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and may face other charges. Minter had been arrested before but details on the nature of his past encounters with police weren't immediately available, Muhammad said. Authorities are also investigating whether Minter violated a protective order, Muhammad said. Jackson said worshipers having to be alert and on guard in a place meant to be a sanctuary was a shameful commentary on society . "We've reached the point where all churches are gonna have to have cameras and check for weapons," he said. "That's the way society is going now. It's the world we live in now."

June 18, 2015- Nine people died in an "unfathomable" act of violence at a historic predominantly black Charleston, South Carolina, church Wednesday evening when a gunman opened fire during a prayer service in what police describe as a "hate crime. "Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen said eight people were found dead inside the church after the shooting unfolded at the Emanuel AME Church around 9 p.m. Two other people were rushed to the hospital, where one died, making it the deadliest mass shooting in the United States since 12 people were killed inside the Washington Navy Yard in September 2013.The alleged gunman, identified as Dylan Roof, 21, was arrested today in North Carolina at a traffic stop.

May 25, 2015 - a gunman burst into a Knoxville, Tenn., church and opened fire with a shotgun while children were performing a production of “Annie” killing one and wounding eight. No given motive or reason for the churching.

March 31, 2013– Ashtabula, Ohio: On Easter Sunday during mass, Reshad Riddle entered Hiawatha Church of God in Christ screaming about God and Allah, with a gun in his hand according to witnesses. While parishioners were leaving the church, Reshad then shot his 52-year old father, Richard Riddle. According to authorities, Riddle had an extensive criminal record. Riddle was immediately arrested and taken into custody by police. Please join the staff of Church Security 360 Degrees, LLC in praying for the family of Richard Riddle, and the parishioners of Hiawatha Church of God in Christ.

September 27, 2013– LAKE CHARLES, LA – Sheriff’s Office reports that a pastor was shot and killed while preaching Friday night in Calcasieu.

February 14, 2010- Richmond, California - Three hooded men walk into Gethsemane Church of God in Christ and opened fire and then fled the scene, as the singing of the choir was replaced by frightened screams. The two victims, a 14- year-old boy and a 19-year-old man, were hospitalized.

Feb. 18, 2009- Garden Grove, California - A man walks into the internationally known Crystal Cathedral, hands a greeter a note, then kneels in front of a cross and shoots himself in the head, leaving him dead at the altar.

July 27, 2008 - Knoxville, Tennessee - A gunman opens fire in a church during a youth performance, killing two people and injuring seven.

Dec. 9, 2007 - Colorado - Three people are killed and five wounded in two shooting rampages, one at a missionary school in suburban Denver and one at a church in Colorado Springs. The gunman in the second incident is killed by a guard. 

May 20, 2007- Moscow, Idaho - A standoff between police and a suspect in the shootings of three people in a Presbyterian Church ended with three dead, including one police officer.

Aug. 12, 2007- Neosho, Missouri - First Congregational Church - 3 killed - Eiken Elam Saimon shot and killed the pastor and two deacons and wounded five others.

Oct. 2, 2006- Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - Attack by a gunman who killed five girls and then himself, while not a church, occurs at an Amish school targeted a religious site.

May 21, 2006 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - The Ministry of Jesus Christ Church - 4 killed - The four at the church who were shot were members of Erica Bell's family; she was abducted and murdered elsewhere; Bell's mother, church pastor Claudia Brown, was seriously wounded - Anthony Bell, 25, was the shooter.

Feb. 26, 2006 - Detroit, Michigan - Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church - 2 killed + shooter - Kevin L. Collins, who reportedly went to the church looking for his girlfriend, later killed himself. 

April 9, 2005- College Park, Georgia - A 27-year-old airman died after being shot at a church, where he had once worked as a security guard.

March 12, 2005 - Brookfield, Wisconsin - Living Church of God - 7 killed + shooter - Terry Ratzmann opened fire on the congregation, killing seven and wounding four before taking his own life.

July 30, 2005- College Park, Georgia - World Changers Church International - shooter killed - Air Force Staff Sgt. John Givens was shot five times by a police officer after charging the officer, following violent behavior.

Dec. 17, 2004- Garden Grove, Calif.: A veteran musician at the Crystal Cathedral shoots himself to death after a nine-hour standoff.

Oct. 5, 2003 - Atlanta, Georgia - Turner Monumental AME Church - 2 killed + shooter - Shelia Wilson walked into the church while preparations are being made for service and shot the pastor, her mother and then herself.

June 10, 2002 - Conception, Missouri - Benedictine monastery - 2 killed + shooter - Lloyd Robert Jeffress shot four monks in the monastery killing two and wounding two, before killing himself.

March 12, 2002- Lynbrook, New York - Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church - 2 killed - Peter Troy, a former mental patient, opens fire during Mass, killing the priest and a parishioner. He later receives a life sentence.

May 18, 2001- Hopkinsville, Kentucky - Greater Oak Missionary Baptist Church - 2 killed - Frederick Radford stood up in the middle of a revival service and began shooting at his estranged wife, Nicole Radford, killing her and a woman trying to help her.

Nov. 1, 2000- Kansas City: The wife of a minister fatally shoots her daughter and then herself.

Sept. 15, 1999- Fort Worth, Texas - Wedgewood Baptist Church - 7 killed + shooter - Larry Gene Ashbrook shot dead seven people and injured a further seven at a concert by Christian rock group Forty Days in Fort Worth, Texas before killing himself.

April 15, 1999 - Salt Lake City, Utah - LDS Church Family History Library - 2 killed + shooter - Sergei Babarin, 70, with a history of mental illness, entered the library, killed two people and wounded four others before he was gunned down by police.

AND THE LIST GOES ON.............

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