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All Zoom Online Courses are Taught Live with the President


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Select course below, pay course tuition, complete Online Information Form instructor will contact you to confirm class date and time. Upon successful completion of course, your certified certificate will be shipped to you within 48 hours.


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Instructor Certification Course

This course covers the full spectrum of Teaching Methods, Classroom Management,

Lesson Plan Development, Classroom Setup, PowerPoint, Learning Objectives, Role of the Instructor, Delivery Style, Understanding Student Views, Ethnicities and more.

COST: $1,250

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Private Detective/Investigator Course

This is a 70 Hour State Mandated course of instruction which covers 24 areas of study necessary to become a certified Private Detective.

GA Rule 509-03-06

COST: 249.99

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Basic Security Officer Course

This 24-Hour State Mandated course covers all aspects of Security Guard training and prepares the student for a career working as a security guard. GA Rule 509-03-02

COST: $249.99

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Basic Firearms Fundamentals Course 509-03-10

This State Certified course covers the basic fundamentals of firearms and firearm safety practices. Course will cover both Semi-Automatic and Revolver pistols.

Also includes Live-Fire range qualification. 

 COST: $249.99


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TASER Certification Course

This course will introduce the student to the use of the TASER. This course covers Taser History, Specifics, Power Source, Nomenclature, Electro-Muscular Disruption, How the Taser Works, Types of Tasers: M18 Taser, X26, Taser 10, X12 Shotgun Taser, Pulse Taser, C2 Taser and C7 Taser., Cities and States where Taser is Legal / Illegal 

COST: $249.99

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Executive Protection Specialist "Flagship" Course

Chief Instructor: Dr. Leonard Holifield

This course will cover the unique dynamics of providing close protection for a client, to include Advancing, Threat Assesment, Formations, Protecting and Managing the Client Effectively, Convoy Motorcade, Emergency First Aid, Managing Multiple Attackers, Close Quarter Combat and More.

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