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The International Grandmasters Sokeship Council

The I.G.S.C. was founded to recognize and award martial artist the world over for life-long dedication, accomplishment and study in the martial arts and offers the DMS – Doctor of Martial Science in the fields of Martial Arts and Sciences, predicated on "Life Experience".

Life Experience-Based Degrees

The I.G.S.C. awards degrees based on knowledge gained through life-study and experience in the martial arts. Individuals who have attained substantial knowledge and experience in their respective field of expertise, may qualify for a degree without additional formal courses or classes, depending on the structure of the degree program. This evaluation-based program is specifically designed for accomplished adult martial artist who have acquired as much, or even more education than a typical traditional university "Graduate", through means other than enrollment and formal traditional classroom instruction. Candidates must appear before a governing board of examiners presided by the president and a minimum of 7, but no more than 10 senior evaluators, in the ranks of 9th and 10th Dan. As an independent issuing body, we find it perfectly proper to award degrees to those individuals who through their hard-earned life experience, training and dedication, have earned the right to be recognized. These titles are legal and nationally, and internationally recognized throughout world.

Doctorate & Professorships

The I.G.S.C. Doctor of Martial Science Program (DMS) allows you to earn a (Ph.D/MS) degree, Doctor of Philosophy, specializing in Martial Science. This special degree is not to be confused with the traditional university (Ph.D) degree. The DMS degree is unique and exclusively presented to martial artist only for life-long study (40-50 years minimum) in the martial arts. Which due to the many years of training and experience required for the DMS, greatly surpasses the 6-7 years it takes to earn a traditional PhD, in knowledge and content of any given subject.

The award of an Academic Professorship is based on previous or current academic work, special achievement, and contributions to the academic science in general. These degrees have been established to recognize outstanding performance in classroom teaching, or who have developed significant innovations which have also influenced the methods and teaching effectiveness of other faculty / learning institutions or corporations that present educational and skill development, mainly due to expertise and academic excellence developed thru Life Experience. This title is awarded to 8th Dan Black Belts.

Each recipient of a title, Doctor or Professor is designated as a Fellow of The I.G.S.C.. Appointments are made without regard to the school affiliation of the faculty member, nation of origin, race, color, creed, gender, religion, economic or political status. 


Individuals awarded these prestigious titles fall under the Rules, Regulations and Code of Ethics established by the I.G.S.C. and are expected to conduct themselves in a highly professional and ethical manner at all times. Individuals in violation of the set rules, regulations and Code of Ethics under the I.G.S.C. will be subject to disciplinary action, suspension of Fellowship status and Title Revocation