7x World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year
WOMA - World Organizer of Martial Arts - DMS Degree
Grandmaster Sikaron Karate Federation
10th Degree Red Belt, Soke

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A journey through the career of one of America's premire military combatives instructors, executive protection specialist and martial artist.

U.S. ArmyU.S. ArmyCQC TrainingCQC Training
United States ArmyClose Quarter CombatSupreme Grandmaster HolifieldFormer Alabama Chief Justice
Pastor Rod ParsonsDr. D. James Kennedy & WifeDr. James DobsonPastor Joyce Myers
Combative Masters of the 2oth CenturyU.S.A vs. the World ChampionshipsChief Justice Roy MooreDr. Leonard Holifield
Dr. Leonard HolifieldCQC TrainingDr. HolifieldDr. Holifield with TSA Chief
The UnitEP Training in TexasGrandmaster Holifield Demonstraing - Iron Hand Technique.Grandmaster Holifield
Grandmaster HolifieldSgt. Holifield, U.S. ArmyDr. HolifieldDr. Holifield
Dr. Holifield with Mark "Six" JamesDr. HolifieldDr. HolifieldDr. Holifield
Dr. HolifieldDr. Holifield with Mark "Six" JamesSecurity Operations for the Lone OfficerDr. L.C. Holifield
Dr. Holifield with Harlan AustinDr. Holifield with Mike MitzellSGT. HolifieldSSGT. Holifield
Camp Casey, KoreaU.S. Army, Korea 1993Holifield with SMA Richard KiddSGT. Holifield, MP
CQC TrainingHolifield in PrayerHolifield and James TurnerCQC Demonstration, U.S. Army
Military Police TrainingHolifield with PilotProtection DetailHolifield on the Range
Holifield on the RangeHolifield on the RangeESI Range TrainingHolifield on Detail
ESI EP TrainingGun StoreAwards PresentationMeeting with Atlanta Federal Reserve
IAEPA PT EvaluationIAEPA Firing RangeDVD - The True Story of Leonard HolifieldHolifield on Detail
World Orgaqnizer of Martial ArtsHolifieldIAEPA, San Antonio, TexasIAEPA, Florida
ISPAG 2010 ConferenceISPAG 2010 ConferenceEP TrainingBeaking Demonstration
ARMY TRAINER MAGAZINEAward CeremonyICON Summit 2013Dr. Holifield
Kuroshi-Do Hall of Fame Banquet Kuroshi-Do Hall of Fame Banquet Kuroshi-Do Hall of Fame Banquet Kuroshi-Do Hall of Fame Banquet
Outdoor Event in ViginiaPanther ProductionsTraining U.S. Army SoldiersUnited States Army
Custom CQC acketTraining U.S. SoldiersU.S. Army - Ft. Sill, OK.Sikaron Karate Class
Grandmaster HolifieldUSA vs. The WorldHolifieldCQC Training
Holifield Training U.S. SoldiersFirst Iraqi POW CaptureSgt. HolifieldSgt. Holifield
Ft. Bragg, NC.Holifield with Frank DuxHolifieldCQC Training Team
ICON Summit 2013Alabama Supreme CourtAlabama Supreme CourtAlabama Supreme Court
Alabama Supreme CourtAlabama Supreme CourtCQC Training with ICONCQC Training with ICON
 : Elijah Shaw, Eric Konona, Mark James, HolifieldDr. Holifield with Event StaffH-1 Military HummerDr. Holifield
Dr. HolifieldDr. HolifieldDr. Holifield
Dr. Holifield with Judge MooreDr. Holifierld with Chief JusticeDr. Holifield with White House Strategist : CQC Seminar 2017
Dr. Holifield with Judge MooreDr. Holifield in DubaiDr. Holifield  & Romeo : Roy Moore
 : Roy MooreDr. Holifield with Security TeamDr. Holifield with Judge Moore