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September 12-15, 2020
October 17-20, 2020

In a male dominated profession, female executive protection agents  continue to be in HIGH DEMAND!  Female agents are valued for their Covert Presence, Precision, Discernment, Professionalism, Elegance and ability to Multi-Task. We recognize this need for highly trained female agents and continue to encourage women from all walks of life to explore this exciting, challenging and rewarding career in 
Executive Protection.

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Full EP Course $699.99
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What To Submit Before Training
  • Two passport size photos (In business attire) No Exceptions
  • Drivers License or Government Issued ID
  • Criminal Background Check (Current within 2 weeks before attending class). No Exceptions
  • If active Law Enforcement Officer (Current Department ID Card).
  • Current / Updated copy of your Resume / CV

This high demand is due to several reasons: (1) Female protection agents blend nicely with their clients and their environment, they do not look like the average bodyguard, but ready to react at a moments notice. (2) Most high level female executives, in the movie industry, music industry, corporate business world and the rich and famous feel more comfortable and prefer a female protection agent by their side. (3) A female agent can go places that a male agent cannot, and would not draw unwanted attention. (4) Female agents are extremely well organized, multi-taskers, natural ability to sense danger, poised and able to remain calm and work well under pressure.


Bilingual (speaking other languages) is a plus.  Former Military, Law Enforcement, Martial Arts training and  firearms training is a plus, but not necessary to attend this training.

Hard work pays off! The physical fitness standards for female students are the same as male students. Everyone works just as hard to succeed! We will provide you with a strong foundation in executive 
protection training to put you on the road to success in the personal protection industry.




By Martha J. Braunig
Executive Security International
Yes, of course. Why not? There are a number of (though not nearly enough) successful female executive protection agents. In Fact, it is puzzling to us at ESI that there are, comparatively, so much fewer females than males in the business. Females have broken through the barriers in law enforcement, firefighting, the military, construction, and other traditional male domains.
I think it's important, however, that all prospective agents, both male and female, have a clear, unromantic, reality-based view of executive protection. This is not James Bond. It is not an exotic routine of unmitigated excitement and glamor. It is largely routine, often boring work, with the biggest percentage of time spent doing meticulous detail work. It is long, long hours, with little privacy or concern for personal concerns. It's hell on social life and very tough on marriages, as the assignment or job may take the agent away from home for long periods of time.

The rewards? Good agents make good money and derive a lot of satisfaction from doing a job well. Those agents who are proprietary agents can enjoy a fair amount of autonomy. If the job is finished and he or she wants to take some time off and sit in the sun in Bermuda, this is possible. If the agent works for a corporation, there are (probably) the usual corporate perks, otherwise known as employee benefits. 


2013 Honor Graduate, Agent Cheryl Ritchie, EPS 


2014 Honor Graduate, Agent Dawn Lowe, EPS

These are the FACTS! In a male dominated profession, more individuals, corporations and agencies are employing female protection specialists. Which is the reason that female agents are in such high demand throughout the industry. There are still some, but far fewer, barriers to women in executive protection. As a male dominated profession, it has acquired more respect for its female counterparts, which means that the level of professionalism has risen. Successful agents must be well trained, able to multi-task, and able to operate within increasingly sophisticated environments.
Good luck!
Martha Braunig, ESI




Dr. Leonard C. Holifield extraordinaire, Chief Combatives Instructor to the United States Army for 10 years, has been charged with the task of gathering, mentoring, training, and leading, by faith, an elite group of agents that have vowed to “Protect the Principal, Protect the Symbol, and Protect the Image” by any means necessary. His reputation, “IMPRESSIVE”. I was honored, when accepted into an Executive Protection Training Course as a late registrant that his organization was hosting. Mid-way through the course, I had a “Déjà vu” moment, realizing that I had been positioned and was where I was meant to be, at that moment. The training course was conducted in a professional manner, punctual according to the assigned curriculum, and utilizing the organizations skilled, certified instructors, who were able to share their testimonies, made the course overall invaluable. 

As a Female Business Owner, in a male dominant industry, I recommend the various courses given by Dr. Holifield through his organization. I will return for additional training and require all of my employees to take his courses. 

Thank you for being the “Head” and not the “Tail”. You are a Strong, Fearless Leader whom I admire. Thank you for the Dedication and Passion you have for what you do and assisting me in being:

“Perfectly Positioned To Exceed Expectations!”

Agent Sabrina Washington