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7 Day Executive Protection Certification Course
This course covers the full spectrum of Executive Protection and is a must for anyone considering entering the field of Executive Protection.

Executive Protection Instructor
Certification Course
This course covers all Instructor requirements for National
and International Instructor Certification
Private Detective/Investigator Course
This is a 70 Hour State Mandated course of instruction which covers the 24 areas of study necessary to become a certified Private Detective.
GA Rule 509-03-06. 

Basic Security Officer Course
This 24 Hour State Mandated course covers all aspects of Security Guard training and prepares the student for a career working as a security guard. GA Rule 509-03-02

Cyber/Electronic Security & Countermeasures Course
This course covers electronic security and countermeasures to take against current day computer hackers which has become a major threat not only to the client and company, but to the country as well.

                           Basic Firearms Course
This State Certified course covers the basic fundamentals of firearms and firearm safety practices. Course will cover both Semi-Automatic and Revolver pistols. Also includes live-fire range qualification.
GA Rule 509-3-10 / 509-3-11

3 Day Church Security Course
This course covers the full spectrum of church security and places emphasis on the special security issues that todays churches face.

Close Quarter Combat Course
This course covers all aspects of unarmed self defense and incorporates a variety of martial art systems from Krav-Maga to advanced Close Quarter Combat Tactics.

TASER Certification Course
This course will introduce the student to the use of the TASER and the various TASERS currently being used in the Law Enforcement and Security fields to include:  the M18 / X26, C2 Taser and More!

Emergency Tactical First Aid Course
This course will introduce the student to effective emergency first aid procedures used to sustain life using the latest first aid tactics.

Solo (One-on-One) Close Protection Course
Chief Instructor: Dr. Leonard Holifield
This course will cover the unique dynamics of providing one-on-one protection for a client, to include Advancing, Protecting and Managing the Client Effectively, Managing Multiple Attackers, and more.
A must for those working Solo details!